The Miller Family

The Miller Family

Our company began with one truck being driven by Paul Miller and has grown steadily over the years. We established Paul Miller Trucking in our community of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania in 1978 and it’s been our home ever since.

We’re a family-owned business

At Paul Miller Trucking Incorporated, we work together to give you the best customer experience possible. Everyone here understands the value of getting back to customers immediately, treating them with respect, and expediting every order. Call us and you’ll see the difference. You’ll get a member of our team who’s empowered to handle any need that arises. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, we’ll do everything in our power to make it right, whether it’s changing a route for a load that’s already on its way or accommodating a last-minute order. Quite simply, our highly responsive workforce exists to make your life easier. Join the list of satisfied Paul Miller Trucking customers and experience the transportation business the way it should be conducted.

Safety is Key

To keep your cargo on the road, we’re focused on safety and compliance. That means lower risk and less liability for you, our customers. Whether it’s our fulfillment of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s CSA 2011 standards or our robust driver safety training, we have the systems in place that keep freight moving safely.

We train our drivers in the seven critical areas identified in the national Compliance Safety Accountability initiative to prevent safety problems before they occur. We make sure that our vehicles are fully functional and ready to hit the road. Our safety commitment and proactive maintenance strategy help ensure reliably safe, on-time deliveries.

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